The Smarter Fitness App for Full Body Workouts

fitness appA new way to workout is sweeping the nation and it plays into our need for maximum results in as little time as possible. Our rushed and busy lives have kept us from the gym and given us excuses to avoid working out. No longer!

Combining weight with movement and shortening your rest periods in between is the core of HIIT, or high intensity interval training. HIIT takes care of cardio and resistance for a whole body routine that gets results.

The Fitness App That HIITs in all The Right Places!

The trainers at The Fitness Link love HIIT because it syncs perfectly with their mandate to get exercise in the hands of everyone that needs it. This company’s fitness app is designed to inspire effective movement, be it in the gym, in the office, in a park or at home. Knowing the pressing need for many in the UK to shape up, slim down and get moving, this fitness app gives you smart, full body workouts, muscle group-targeted workouts and access to personal trainers. For a fee less than a gym membership or what you would pay to take time out of your day to meet a trainer, you get workout routines, advice, inspiration and more.

fitness appOne of the HIIT full body workout routines on this fitness app is a 30 minute session that incorporates the principles of AMRAP (as many rounds as possible). AMRAP makes the same set of exercises suitable for everyone, from beginners to experts. As your fitness increases, you simply complete more reps during the same time period. You can also increase or decrease the hand weights you’ll use, adding a greater challenge when required or allowing you to exercise at a slower pace when recovering from injury or an extra-hectic day.

HIIT is just one way The Fitness Link promotes a great full body workout. The fitness app also has a bodyweight circuit that targets all the major muscle groups.

A Fitness App that Keeps You Moving

The Fitness Link knows the best way to work out is the way that keeps you from getting bored with your routine, and that is why they also offer a variety of workout routines that you can mix and match for your full body workout. Use this fitness app to combine upper body and ab workouts with a 15 minute HIIT routine, or strength training with a mini circuit.

The Fitness Link’s fitness app is all about making that all-important exercise a routine part of your day while also making it fun, motivating and convenient. With this app you no longer have to divide your week into leg day, upper body day and ab day. HIIT and other workout routines provide a fast, effective full body workout for a smarter way to get in shape.

It doesn’t matter if you are just starting to work out or if you have been at it for years, The Fitness Link has a full body workout that will really move you. Try it today.