How to Get the Most Out of Your Workout Routines

workout routinesYou’ve made the smart decision to get in shape. Good for you! Even conservative amounts of exercise will greatly improve your health. Now that you’re on your way to using exercise to improve your body, mind and spirit, we have some tips to help you get the most out of your workout routines.

Tip 1: Do Something You Love

You’re simply not going to achieve your fitness goals if you choose workout routines that make you procrastinate. For example, if you love the gentle flowing movements of strength-building yoga, choose yoga workout routines over powerlifting. If you like nature, choose outdoor walking routines instead of lengthy gym classes. When you do workout routines you love, you look forward them and remain motivated.

Tip 2: Prepare for the Plateau

workout routinesNo matter which of the many great workout routines you try, at some point you will hit a plateau. In the beginning of a new fitness or diet program, you quickly see gains. This is exciting. Then the scale stops moving or worse, goes up a little. The measuring tape stops showing muscle gains. You can’t break through the top speed of your last run. Now what?

A plateau is completely normal. You can shorten the duration of your plateau by switching up your workout routines. If you’re a walker, maybe it’s time to try running for a few weeks. If you’re a powerlifter, why not change it up with lighter weights but more reps? When you understand what a plateau is and how to work around it, you’ll stay on track with your workout routines and discover new ways to continue getting in shape.

Tip 3: Track Your Progress

Take before and after photos, track your weight loss and track your muscle gains. It’s motivating and fun to see how your body changes as you get more and more fit.

Tip 4: Use an App

Apps are useful for deciding which of the many workout routines are best for your needs, for helping you get through a plateau and for tracking your progress.

As fitness experts, The Fitness Link combined all of these great ideas into one handy app. Our app gives you access to many great workout routines that give you the option of doing what you love or switching it up at any time and trying something new! While some apps are just for home or gym use, our app is designed give you workouts in the location of your choice. Go ahead and do yoga at your desk or build strength in your basement. Hit the gym or workout with a buddy. Our app accommodates you anytime, anywhere.

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Getting Fit is Fun with The Fitness Link

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