The Fitness App that Gets Results

fitness appType in “fitness app” in the search bar of Google Play or iTunes and what do you get? An overwhelming amount of choices. When you want to get into shape using the power and convenience of your smartphone, you don’t want to waste precious workout time trying out different apps.

You want the fitness app that gets results.

What to Look for in the Best Fitness App for You

The key words here are “for you”. Everyone is unique, and that means their fitness goals are unique too. A heavy deadlift is not the best option for someone recovering from a C-section and a runner may not want to build bulky muscles. You need a fitness app that caters to your personal workout goals.

Look for a fitness app that has multiple workout options, not a one-workout-fits-all program. Also make sure the app allows you to monitor and track your progress.

Real Trainers Should be Part of the Fitness App

fitness app
Lucy West – Trainer at The Fitness Link

Performing workouts incorrectly, at too high of an intensity, or adding too much weight too soon is a fast way to hurt yourself. The best fitness app creators partner with real trainers that design programs based on exercise science.

Do your due diligence. Google a few of the trainer’s names to view their work experience and credentials. Most credible trainers have their own websites or Facebook pages, making it easy for you to check out the trainers on the app that interest you.

Variety on the Fitness App

No matter what your fitness goals are, you need to stay motivated to reach them, and that is where variety comes in. The best fitness app will have a variety of appealing workouts that allow you to vary your routine in your preferred medium (weight lifting, running, etc.) or to check out something new such as HITT (high intensity interval training) or ab blasting.

Fitness App Costs and ROI

There are plenty of free fitness app options, so why would you pay for one? Well, there are also plenty of places to get free food samples, but you’d pay for a great meal, right? In the same way there is a huge difference between a bite stuffed in a plastic cup at Costco and a gourmet chef-prepared meal at a restaurant, there is a difference between apps that offer you limited free services and apps where the minimal cost you pay goes to support the professional trainers and app designers. Quality has a cost, and those costs can have a huge return on investment.

The truth is, apps are very affordable and the cost you pay to get the professional training you need is returned to you in a healthier, fitter body. If you don’t have the time or money to engage a personal trainer at your local gym, why not spend a few dollars on a fitness app that gets you results?

The Fitness Link Can Help

The Fitness Link is the app that gets you results. Variety, professional trainers, exercise science, value and convenience are in the palm of your hand when you use The Fitness Link. There are many fitness apps out there. Choose the one that works.

Start your free trial today with the fitness app that partners with you to meet your workout goals.