The Great Outdoors – Training Outside


Destress and reenergise yourself and take your training to a new level outside.IMG_3257

Even gyms are now offering outdoor group workouts in the parks.

It has been found that training in a group burns more calories than training alone. Virgin Active carried out a study of 1000 women which showed that those who exercised with friends burnt more calories than those who trained alone. It also showed the women who trained in a group with their friends pushed themselves harder.

HIIT sessions and Bootcamps are the way forward and with the added benefit of the outdoors what more could you want?

Training with friends in the fresh air has been proven to decrease stress and depression, therefore boosting your mood and self-esteem. The Journal of Physical Activity and Health shows that women who train outside are 28% less likely to be depressed than those who train inside.

Could this be because of the increased levels of Vitamin D we get from being outside that makes us happier? Or could this be because we find it less stressful fitting outdoor training into our busy lives, due to the fact that the outdoors is always available and we are not restricted by gym opening hours or timetables.

The Big question is what do I do in the outdoors?? Run, Walk, Cycle? Where do I begin? Keep it simple and take it slow, find out what goes on in your local area from running clubs to bootcamps or just choose from one of our outdoor HIIT workouts at

A mini circuit of five exercises for example Sprints, Squats, Lunges, Press ups and Dips could be a good place to start. You could choose from one of the following methods and put this mini circuit into practice.

  • EMOM- every minute on the minute. Complete your exercise or set of exercises within the minute and rest for the remainder of that minute before repeating or performing a new exercise or set of exercises in the second minute and so on.
  • TABATA- perform an exercise at maximum intensity for 20 seconds then rest for 10 seconds between each exercise and repeat eight times (this will total to 4 minutes for each exercise).
  • AMRAP- as many rounds as possible. Set a duration (eg: 5 minutes) and complete the set exercises and repetitions as many times as possible in that time period.

Once you are more comfortable training outside and have found what activities you enjoy why not research some events to train for in your local area. There are always events such as 5K, 10 K, half marathons, triathlons and cycle events which will give you a challenge to work for.

If you need more motivation to train outside why not try a local Outdoor fitness class such as a Bootcamp. These types of classes are running successfully all year round whatever the weather all over the country in the local parks.

Details on our local Bootcamp can be found on our Facebook Page GSG Bootcamp and runs at Glentrammon Park, Green st Green, Kent three time per week. It’s fun, challenging and effective and suitable for all levels and ages.

Here is a testimonial from one of our regular participants….

GSG Bootcamp is a great outdoor circuit workout to both start and improve your fitness levels! All sessions are really varied and our super trainers are motivating and help keep us focused on our personal goals. We work out to some great tunes in the open air which is massively invigorating! We all feel fitter and more energised since we started coming. Our Bootcamp is so social it’s hard to imagine life without it now. By Dawn Blake.

Even if you are a regular gym user you could still benefit from mixing up your training with an outdoor session, it may just be the boost you need to re-motivate yourself!


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