Three Fitness Training Motivation Tips

fitness trainingThe desire to be fit and healthy is never an issue. It’s the motivation. It’s hard to keep going to the gym when you don’t get those infomercial-worthy muscle gains or that dramatic weight loss. It’s hard to stick with healthy eating when cake is always showing up in the break room. How can you stay motivated in the face of disappointment and temptation? The Fitness Link can help.

Read on to discover fitness training motivation tips that keep you moving towards your goal.

Fitness Training Motivation Tip 1: Look at the Big Picture

So you’ve been working on your abs for weeks and instead of looking like you could model for Abercrombie & Fitch, you still have love handles and not much definition. Don’t give up. Stay motivated by realizing that rock-hard defined abs as depicted on TV or in ads are the results of some pretty extreme measures – not to mention Photoshop, makeup artistry (Edward Cullen’s vampire abs in Twilight were painted on) and great lighting.

You can’t spot reduce an area, so instead look at the big picture. Keep working those abs and know that definition will come as your weight decreases. Instead of obsessing over your abs, focus on getting in two good ab workouts a week in conjunction with other resistance training and a healthy diet.

The Fitness Link keeps you and your abs motivated with fun routines that keep your body guessing what’s coming next. Our ab blast and ab super sets don’t allow your abs to get “comfortable” with a few repetitive moves. You get a variety of exercises, meaning you’ll see results faster.

Fitness Training Motivation Tip 2: Watch What You Eat

Diet and exercise in conjunction is the way to keep the pounds off and stay fit. Stay motivated by revamping your diet. Not only will you feel better physically, it’s hard to shirk off your workout when you’ve eaten clean all day and it’s hard to eat junk food after you’ve worked out!

Some say that exercise can make you hungry, which is why The Fitness Link’s trainers can suggest nutritional hacks that keep you full and energetic without consuming excess calories. For less than the cost of personal training in a gym, our trainers provide advice, fitness training motivation tips and workouts tailored to your specific needs. What could be more motivating than that?

Fitness Training Motivation Tip 3: Inspiration

fitness trainingYou know those slogans people have on motivational posters or those cool wall decals seen in offices across the country? There is a reason why people post sayings where they can see them: they are motivational!

Try it. Create a board on Pinterest with positive fitness slogans. Take a before photo when you start your workout routine and then take another one a month or so later. Even if the numbers on the scale haven’t dropped as fast as you would like, you may be shocked at how much your body has changed for the better.

Having a source of inspiration is a good tool for those days when you just don’t feel like working out or you are too busy to get to the gym.

The Fitness Link has a cure for that too! With our online fitness platform and mobile app, missing gym days is a thing of the past. From cardio routines to resistance training to fat burning, a few clicks is all it takes to get a workout that you can do at home or even in the office and with access to our personal trainers, you can get customized advice too.

Stay motivated!

As Newton says, an object in motion stays in motion unless something changes its course. If you are motivated, stay motivated. Don’t let life’s interruptions get in the way of your fitness goals. Use The Fitness Link’s handy app and these fitness training motivation tips to stay on track and reach your goal.