Workout Routines for Amazing Abs

workout routinesAbs. You can’t open a fashion or fitness magazine without seeing them. They are the muscle group that most people strive to improve. We love them when they are taunt and toned and bemoan them when they protrude over our waistband. There is no doubt about it – workout routines for abs are among the most sought after routines in the world of exercise.

Why Do We Need Workout Routines for Abs?

Time and time again we hear medical and fitness experts saying that it is impossible to spot reduce weight. This can be misleading. Few – if any – people go to the gym with the sole goal of developing abs. Serious workout enthusiasts know that you have to isolate and work each muscle group to see results while using a clean eating plan and cardio to reduce excess fat. If you’re not targeting your abs as part of your overall workout plan, you’ll see some results, but not the results you are striving for. It’s akin to running on the treadmill to build bigger biceps. As your body fat decreases you’ll see more definition in your arms, but if you are not resistance training, all that running won’t build beautiful bulging biceps! This is why we need workout routines for abs, and when it comes to blasting those abs into shape, The Fitness Link has your solution.

What Makes The Fitness Link’s Workout Routines for Abs Different?

The Fitness Link is designed for those that do their workouts on the go. Accessible online and via an app, the workouts are fun, engaging and completely portable.

Hitting the gym? There are workout routines for that. Only have time for a 30 minute blast during your lunch hour? There are workout routines for that too. Want to get killer washboard abs? The Fitness Link definitely has workout routines for that. Even better, you get access to personal trainers that will guide you through workout routines that have been personalized for you, and they can help you work through those plateaus while coaching you in clean eating habits.

With The Fitness Link, you get workout routines for abs that work, are created by recognized industry professionals and can be done at home, in the office or at the gym. The fact that they are fun and challenging just adds to the many reasons why people are flocking to The Fitness Link for their daily workout routines.

What are The Fitness Link’s Ab Workout Routines Like?

workout routinesThe Fitness Link’s workout routines for abs are incredibly diverse. If you don’t have exercise equipment, you can use bodyweight for abdominal stretches, v-sits, diagonal mountain climbers, hip drops and more. Using barbells you can do standing rotations and floor wipes. Like to hit the gym to use the machines? Then do The Fitness Link’s cable rotations or BOSU to train like a pro.

Ready for Amazing Abs?

The Fitness Link is all about realistic fitness goals for today’s fast-pace lifestyle and that is why the trainers, workout routines and convenient app allow you to focus on the body part you want to improve while working on your overall fitness. If you are ready for amazing abs, check out The Fitness Link’s ab workout routines today.