Workout Routines – How to Create One You’ll Stick With

“And one, and two…lift those legs, ladies! Arms nice and high!” Sound familiar? In the early 80s the world of workout routines exploded in popularity thanks Jane Fonda’s exercise videos. Now, over 30 years later, workout routines show no plans of slowing down; and why should they? They are a fun, convenient way to be active. Even better – today’s technology enables us to piece together our own workout routines, even without having to set foot in a gym.

Why Use Workout Routines?

workout routines“We become what we repeatedly do,” says efficiency expert and author Sean Covey. What most people want to do is become fit and healthy. The desire to avoid diseases such as obesity, diabetes, and heart failure; to say nothing of wanting to rock those skinny jeans or strut down the street in a shirt that shows off those washboard abs, has us searching for a quick and easy way to look like we work out daily. Hence the complete onslaught of diet pills, vibrating belts and the dubious claims of Dr. Oz. This is why the diet industry is booming.

Why then, are our waistlines still booming as well?

On a subconscious level we know that the pills, shakes and other “miracle” cures don’t work. If they did, there wouldn’t be an obesity epidemic. What works are lifestyle changes and the best way to stick with a lifestyle change is to introduce it gradually and make it a routine.

This is why workout routines actually work! They are fun, you look forward to them and they become a natural part of your day. Their benefits spill over into other aspects of your life. It’s hard to down that bag of crisps after a workout because you don’t want to undo your hard work. You have more energy and that inspires you to become even more active. You feel better about yourself and that increased confidence boosts your success. With workout routines you become healthier, happier and reduce your risk of disease.

workout routinesHow to Create Workout Routines You’ll Stick With

To make your workout routine a habit:

1.     Think about the type of activities you enjoy, such as strength training, yoga, running, or sports

2.     Join a team, class and use an app with workout routines in your area of interest

3.     Mix it up to keep it interesting. Vary your running routes, try different yoga poses, use bodyweight one day and free weights the next

How The Fitness Link’s Online Platform Boosts the Effectiveness of Workout Routines

No matter how or where you choose to get your exercise, our fitness app and online platform can help. We have suggestions for variations of your favourite exercise, provide tracking so you can measure your success and have trainer-approved tips to improve your form.

With our app, you never have a reason to miss your workout if you can’t make it to the gym. Simply follow the steps to get in a great workout at the park, in your home or even at your office.

Create a Workout Routine with The Fitness Link

What are you waiting for? Workout routines are fun, create a great habit that benefits your entire life and thanks to apps, are easy and convenient.  Forget the diet pills and miracle cures. They don’t work. Workout routines do. Start yours today.