Workout Routines to Reduce Cancer Risks

workout routines The Beckenham Half Marathon took place on September 6 and it was organized by a good friend of The Fitness Link. Since workout routines for runners are part of The Fitness Link’s library of great workouts, a Fitness Link trainer volunteered to take the 350 runners through their warm-up. Make sure to check out the video at the end of this post!

Workout Routines for Runners

The Fitness Link’s warm-up to start the runners off on the right foot hit the right mix of getting the body loose and limber without tiring out the racers before the run. A mix of low intensity stretches and higher intensity movements, such as jumping jacks, got everyone fired up for the big race.

The Fitness Link website has many different exercises to help runners improve their time and stamina. For additional assistance, clients can use the app or website to work directly with a personal trainer.

The Beckenham Half Marathon

workout routines“After months of planning, the Beckenham Half Marathon took place on 6th September. Phill was allowed out of hospital to be at the start and it was a great day raising money for Action Against Cancer. So far we have raised an unbelievable £53,000!

We have been completely overwhelmed by the love and support that people have shown us over the last 8 weeks. Phill came out of hospital last week and his long recovery continues. Thanks so much for all your support through such a tough time. It was brilliant to raise that amount of money for a charity so close to our hearts… thank you to everyone who made that possible!” – Race director Cheryl Gorga

It was such a pleasure for The Fitness Link to be involved in the Beckenham Half Marathon. The event combined everything the company cares about: fitness, fundraising and helping others. The Marathon was a fundraiser for cancer research, with every single penny earned going to support Action Against Cancer. The race also served as an event to draw the community together, encourage fun and fitness in the great outdoors, and to honour those that lost their fight to cancer or are in the midst of their cancer journey.

An auction followed the run and items up for bid included a Spanish lesson, a guitar lesson, two nights at the Grand Hotel Brighton, a holiday week in Charmouth, signed sports memorabilia, show tickets and more. Forty-five items were generously donated to raise money for Action Against Cancer.

Use Workout Routines to Reduce Your Risk of Cancer

The Fitness Link is committed to helping others reduce their risk of cancer. Did you know that physical exercise has been shown to reduce the risk of several types of cancer by as much as 40 per cent? That’s incredible news! While we know that sometimes cancer simply doesn’t discriminate and even the healthiest individual can be struck down by the illness, the fact that engaging in regular workout routines can greatly reduce most people’s risk of cancer is great news.

Workout routines don’t have to be something you dread, or something you find too boring to stick with. Physical activity can be as easy as doing something active that you love. Rock climbing, hiking, yoga, joining a fitness class or starting a walking group – these are all great ways to get active. For those that need the convenience and privacy to work out on their own time, The Fitness Link provides several workout routines to keep the blood, and enthusiasm, pumping.

Get Involved

The Fitness Link was happy to lead the Beckenham Half Marathon warm-up because of their belief in doing everything they can to help find a cure for cancer. You can do your part by learning more about the work being carried out at Action Against Cancer and by using workout routines to better manage your risk.

Beckenham Half Marathon Warm-Up with The Fitness Link