7 Health Benefits of Drinking Water After Waking Up

As I sit down to write this article I have poured myself a huge glass of water to make sure I am reaping the benefits as I write! Here are The Fitness Link’s 7 health benefits you’ll reap by drinking water after you wake up.

Improves Digestion and Acidity Levels

Brunette drinking a glass of water outdoorsWater is a nutrient that is essential for life. The body needs water for all the chemical reactions that take place. Life is so busy that the majority of us just forget to drink and don’t even realise when we are thirsty. Sometimes the times that we remember are not the best times to drink. For example drinking a lot of water with a meal is not great as it can dilute the digestive enzymes, upsetting your digestion.

However, this shows how beneficial drinking water first thing in the morning when the stomach is empty. The stomach will have been producing hydrochloric acid all night with no food to dilute it and could cause some people to experience heart burn, drinking water when you wake will reduce the level of acidity and relieve heart burn symptoms.

Gets Rid of Toxins and Increases Nutrient Absorbency

Drinking water first thing in the morning will help to flush out all the toxins that will have been produced while we are sleeping. While we sleep the body repairs itself, replenishes energy and balances hormones, therefore producing toxins which need to be flushed out. When you take in water it will firstly nourish the cells but then it will flush out any toxins, which will make the body more efficient in absorbing nutrients from your nutritious breakfast.

Rehydrates and Energizes

The body also becomes quite dehydrated during the night. After a long sleep, your body will have naturally dehydrated, despite how much water you have drunk the day before, therefore your stores need to be replaced. It is more common for us to grab a cup of coffee first in the morning, but this will only dehydrate your already dehydrated body! Drink water first thing in the morning to rehydrate your body and you’ll be ready for your workout routines, feeling refreshed, energetic and healthier.

Kick-Starts Your Metabolism

A great start to the day! Water is essential when it comes to weight loss and it fills you up making you have a smaller breakfast. It is also thirst quenching and after a good night’s sleep it’s the best solution to helping you feel refreshed and awake! A glass of water followed by a nutribullet smoothie is my perfect way to the start of a great day!

Improves Brain Function

The brain is 75% water and therefore a lack of water means a decrease in optimum efficiency of the brains function. Morning water will make you think clearer and focus on your day ahead. Take a glass of water to bed so it’s already there ready for when you wake up and start making it part of your daily routine.

Relieves Constipation

If you suffer from constipation drinking water in the morning could be the answer. Food and drink send signals to the brain to evacuate so water is a great calorie free choice to increase the likelihood of a bowel movement and keep you regular.

Prevents Disease

Research has also been done into the importance of water and preventing diseases, such as cancer.   Due to waters many health benefits this is not hard to believe. In Japan it is very common to drink 2 glasses of water every morning upon waking and it is believed that this will help to prevent and cure a number of diseases including cancer as well as contribute to many other health benefits as discussed earlier. This could be true as Japan has a very high longevity with over 50,000 100+ year olds – could it be something to do with the water they drink? True or not with its many positive health benefits that we sometimes need to be reminded of it is definitely worth reaching for that extra glass of water and what have we got to lose by drinking an extra glass every morning when we wake up?!

Lemon Water

There is also some evidence to suggest that drinking hot water and lemon every morning is a great way to start the day. Benefits include hydration, helping with weight loss, improving digestion and increasing vitamin C intake. It is suggested that lemon water cleanses the palate and gently helps to flush the kidneys and liver of toxins. Lemon also boosts the bodys ability to metabolise fat and vitamin C boosts the immune system. It is also thought that warm water (body temperature) is better than cold water as it is not so much of a shock to the system when it hits the stomach.

Healthy Alternatives to Water

Green Tea – this contains compounds such as flavonoids that can prevent diseases.

Milk – is the best source of calcium, it also contains vitamins D and A which are essential for healthy bones and eyes. Low fat milk is the best option as it is lower in calories and fat.

Fruit and Vegetable Juices – !00% juice with no added sugar are the best option of juices, and can be a good easy way to get in an extra serving of fruit and vegetables. Be careful, as some fruit juices can be high in calories.

Red wine- this needs to be in moderation! There is evidence that a glass of red wine a day can help protect the heart by increasing high density lipoproteins. It contains antioxidants called flavonoids which have positive health benefits.

Hot Cocoa –has the same antioxidants as red wine and green tea, although this healthy treat can easily become unhealthy when milk and sugar are added!


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