Me the kids and carbs!

102_0840I gave up my career as a Fitness Manager running a team of 15 personal trainers to have my kids and although I worked part time in between them I didn’t really get back into working until my youngest started school, two years ago. By this time my husband had built a successful personal training business in the city and was also designing and developing an app for our online training business! I decided it was time to get more involved and started to help with his local bootcamps, the social media, administration, general dogs body side of the business. It took me a while to settle into working again especially as I work from home which can sometimes take a lot of self motivation and comes with the feeling that work is never finished as you never leave to go home! However, I am now thoroughly enjoying working again and our business is beginning to build into something that I hope will be worth all the hard work in the end!!


I have always worked out and been a member of the gym – from teaching classes, interval training to weights and boxing. However in the last two years I have begun to use the gym less and less, I have started to enjoy the outdoors more from running with my dog in the woods to participating and teaching bootcamps in the local park. Even on a cold wet day when I don’t fancy going outside I would now rather train at home and with very little or sometimes no equipment I can train to a high intensity and I’m getting the best results I have ever achieved. Time constraints can often be a problem in actually getting to the gym and with three young children my time is very limited. I can fit my workouts in around the kids, work and a hectic lifestyle without spending time getting to and from the gym. Sometimes the kids even join in or help me timing parts of my workouts and I think this is a great way for them to understand the importance of exercise in a healthy lifestyle, we turn the music up loud and have fun!


I choose different workouts from our library of HIITs each session even though I have my favourites and I try to push myself each time. It is very easy to go to the gym and spend an hour in there doing the same thing each time or going to the same classes and not really getting the results that you want. This could be because your body has got used to that type of exercise and has stopped adapting – it is important to keep shocking the body with different exercise and intervals so that the body continues to change. So for the first time in 20 years of being a member or working at a gym I am going to quit the gym! It is a big decision for me as it was my life for years but I am confident I can continue achieving more results even without it!


The recent shift in my results has also come about by the birth of our transformation programme. We halucyafterve always eaten healthily but we started to develop a nutrition plan about a year ago to go with our HIIT workouts. It was a client that once planted the idea when she asked me to tell her exactly what I eat and what training I do on a weekly basis. So I started to write it down and realised actually it had some value, we researched into carb cycling and found that it was very close to our daily diet. With some careful tweaking we put together the programme and launched it as a trial to a group of ladies last September.


Carbohydrates are very important especially if you train, however it is just about eating the right ones and at the right time. We believe in refuelling the body so we like to think of resetting the body with energy after we have utilised it for exercise. It really is that simple and once you have learnt what the smarter option of carbs are then you are on the road to success. I do not feel deprived of any foods and I still very occasionally allow myself to have some of the refined carbs but I don’t crave them and I don’t feel like I’m on a diet or depriving myself of anything. It is important to enjoy life as well as feeling good about yourself and being healthy so it had to be a plan that was forever and not just another diet. We have developed this programme to be a way of life not an 8 week fix. I feel better than I’ve felt in years and find I have more energy to run around after my kids because I’m sleeping better. Everyone that has undertaken the programme so far has continued in one way or another after the 8 weeks and the biggest feedback we get is that they can’t believe how easy it is!


Our biggest reward is helping people to achieve their results and I never imagined just by letting people into our personal world of food and exercise that it would start to help people achieve the results they have always wanted!