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Our Body Transformation Programmes Achieve The Results YOU Have Always Wanted.

We provide successful weight loss and body transformation programmes.
Our programmes help establish new habits, change your mindset, achieve results
and provide you with a new healthy way of living that fits around you.

We offer 2 programmes that are 8 weeks long. The 3 main components of the programmes are Nutrition, Exercise and Coaching. The nutrition is about healthy eating and focusing on “what to eat and when to eat it.” The exercise focuses on HIIT workouts using your bodyweight and a kettlebell. All the workouts can be completed at home. Lastly, the coaching is there to support and motivate you through the programme.

We offer two transformation programmes

1. Get Fit & Lean Programme – An 8 week programme tailored towards men.

2. Tone, Trim & Transform Programme – An 8 week programme tailored towards women.

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"I have been training off and on for the past 15 years, but have never been so motivated or experienced such impressive results as I have since finding the Fitness Link. I have maintained a loss of 5kgs (I weighed 80kgs at the beginning) of body fat whilst improving muscle tone and definition - I am well on my way to reaching my goals! In my late 30s, I never thought I’d be able to see my abs again, but I have been proved wrong!"


Meet your Trainer

For the past fourteen years, JP has delivered bespoke training plans according to an individual’s needs which integrate indoor and outdoor activities, strength and conditioning, HIIT training and Fat Loss.